My name is Nick Galecki and I am a young DJ and Music Producer looking for work! I have always had a strong passion for music, but it grew to a whole new level in high school. As many know, high school can be a time where teenagers are hit with real stress for the first time. No matter the degree of it, I found music as my escape whenever I needed it. It was so reliable for me, I became very passionate towards music. 

       I want to be a source of calming for others going through stressful times as well. As I continue to work on my music, I plan on DJing any events thrown my way! I hope this will get my name more out there so that when I release my music (will be coming very soon) I will already have somewhat of a reputation in the music industry. 

    If you have any questions or want to inquire about hiring me to DJ your next event, be sure to contact me!